Why a Resume Sample Download doesn’t always help in your job hunting?

Many candidates who seek jobs believe that they are the most suitable person to develop their own resume because they will be writing about their career and exclusive qualifications. The Internet makes it extremely easy to perform a resume sample download, which may seem professional in the layout, giving you the ability to key in your own information and create the finished resume. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, can a resume sample download help you in landing your dream job? Let us see.

Does a Resume Sample Download do the Job?

Searching online for resume sample download will reveal millions of results on major search engines. Some of these professional websites give you the ability to download a resume template free of charge or purchase a resume template for a fixed sum of money. However, does this translate into creating engaging resumes that will secure that all-important interview for you? Chances are high that they will not.

Professional Resume versus Resume Sample Downloads

The foremost thing that you need to take into consideration is who the writers are in offering the advice when it comes to resume sample downloads. Do they have the necessary qualifications? In most cases, you should opt for professional resume-writing service rather than rely on resume samples.

The primary disadvantage of using resume samples is that they are extremely generic. You must take into consideration the fact that hiring managers have to review hundreds of resumes, and when each resume reads and appears the same, the task gets monotonous, leading to disqualification of scores of resumes. Resume sample downloads lack originality, and they do not make a positive first impression.

To create the ideal resume, you need to make it original and genuine by effectively personalizing it with your bespoke writing style. You need to use action words for expressing your skills and demonstrate creativity while coming up with your Personal Statement. When you combine sample resumes with your distinct writing style, you stand a better chance of securing an interview.

When websites provide free resume samples, their basic idea is to assist you in summarizing your academic background along with your employment history, accomplishments, affiliations, and so on. These details are important; however, using a resume sample download as the basis for creating your unique resume does little in assisting you to get noticed by prospective employers. Mentioned below are a few things to consider before opting for sample resumes as part of your job-hunting strategy:

• Bulky resumes end up in the trash bin: By utilizing a sample resume, you may end up with a multi-page, bulky document. The resume template may advice you to list the address and contact details of every academic institution that you attended and every grade that you scored. Such long resumes are unlikely to catch the attention of prospective employers and may end up in the trash bin.

• Wastage of Effort and Time: Sample resumes often emphasize on spending time when it comes to the font, design, layout, and borders of your resume. Websites that offer sample resumes do not mention that hiring managers employ specific staff members or advanced software to extract vital information from your resume and place it into their exhaustive databases. Thus, all the design elements and formatting that are associated with sample resumes are completely removed before your resume lands in the hand of key decision makers.

• Irrelevant and Harmful Information: Sample resumes mostly never warn you about including superfluous and irrelevant information, which can potentially hamper your chances of landing an interview. Some sample resumes advice you to include your date of birth, marital status, and ethnic background, which can cause potential discrimination during the screening process.

• Ignoring the Prospective Employer: This is perhaps the greatest disadvantage of resume sample download. A professional resume can be tailored to a specific employer or role, scoring points for you for demonstrating interest and knowledge in the job position. Alternatively, using a sample resume format forces you into a one-size-fits-all approach which makes it hard to tailor your resume to a specific job opportunity.

Thus, it can be seen that a resume sample download does not always help you in your job hunting.